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Contact Information

PLEASE NOTE: I try to acknowledge or answer email within 24 hours whenever possible. Due to spam, viruses, filters and some technical problems with my email, I may not receive your email. If you have emailed me and I have not replied in a reasonable length of time, please email me again. I know I have lost several emails from people wanting information. I have no way of recovering these emails or answering them.

Please type in a subject - many spam and "phishing" emails leave the subject blank. Please do not attach any files. I automatically delete emails with attachments because of viruses. For both our protection, if we need to exchange attachments we need to notify each other first.

earthly pursuits has been spoofed - someone else is sending messages, some infected with viruses, that look like they come from various people at earthly pursuits. They do not. Any message from earthly pursuits will have my name as a signature, my initials (mjs) in the email address or a real word (such as book, link, etc.) in the email address and not a bunch of random letters. At this time there is nothing I can do about these phony messages. I understand people are working on ways to stop this and I will keep looking for solutions.

I am very sorry for this inconvenience. Email is a wonderful thing but it has become unreliable and a security risk because of those who exploit it.

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