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The War Garden Victorious - Appendix 1I
Victory Edition 1919 HOME CANNING & DRYING of Vegetables & Fruits





How the National War Garden Commission Came into Being


The Story of the War Garden


How War Gardens Helped


Types of War Gardens


Uncle Sam's First War Garden


How Big Business Helped


How the Railroads Helped


The Army of School Gardeners


Community Gardening


Cooperation in Gardening


War Gardens as City Assets


The Part Played by Daylight Saving


The Future of War Gardening


Conserving the Garden Surplus


Community Conservation


Conservation by Drying


Why We Should Use Dried Foods


The Future of Dehydration


Cooperation of the Press
  Chapter 19 - Cartoon Illustrations


  "War Gardening,"
Victory Edition, 1919
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  "Home Canning and Drying," Victory Edition, 1919
Cover / Letters / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 / 16 / 17 / 18 / 19 / 20 / 21 / 22 / 23 / 24 / 25 / 26 / 27 / 28 / 29 / 30 / 31 / 32
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Color Plates

  Sow the Seeds of Victory - Every Garden a Munition PlantWILL YOU HAVE A PART IN VICTORY?

"Every Garden a Munition Plant"

James Montgomery Flagg

  War Garden Victorious Poster - War Gardens Over The TopA Poster Spreading the Idea of Militant War Gardens

Maginel Wright Enright

  War Garden Victorious Poster - Every Garden a Peace PlantA Poster for 1919, Symbolic of Victory

Maginel Wright Enright

  War Garden Victorious Poster - Can Vegetables, Fruits and the Kaiser tooCAN VEGETABLES, FRUIT AND THE KAISER TOO

J. Paul Verrees

A Poster Which Was Used in 1918, and Which, Amended芳ollowing Germany's Defeat妨as Also Forceful in 1919



  We can can vegetables, fruti and the Kaiser too We can can Vegetables Fruit and the Kaiser too



page 5


      5. Vacuum Seal Method:  Vegetables are washed, blanched, cold-dipped and cooked as for table use; packed and sealed in especially made vacuum seal jars. The jars must be well made and the work properly done to bring about satisfactory results.


   The Single Period cold-pack method is a simple and sure way of canning. It insures a good color, texture and flavor to the vegetable or fruit canned. In using this method sterilization is completed in a single period, saving time, fuel and labor. The simplicity of the method commends it. Fruits are put up in syrups. Vegetables require only salt for flavoring and water to fill the container.

 Fig 4 Steam pressure canner; home and community canning
Fig. 4. Steam pressure canner;
home and community canning.

  Another advantage is that is is practicable to put up food in small as well as large quantities. The housewife who understands the process will find that it pays to put up even a single container. Thus, when she has a small surplus of some garden crop she should take the time necessary to place this food in a container and store it for future use. This is true household efficiency.


   1. The Homemade Hot-water Bath Outfit.末A serviceable Single Period Cold-pack canning outfit may be made of equipment found in almost any household. Any utensil large and deep enough to allow an inch of water above jars, and a false bottom beneath them, and having a closely fitting cover, may be used for sterilizing. A wash-boiler, large lard can or new garbage pail serves the purpose when canning is to be done in large quantities. Into this utensil should be placed a wire or wooden rack to hold the jars off the bottom and so constructed as to permit circulation of water underneath the jars.
   For lifting glass-top jars use two buttonhooks or similar device. For lifting screw-top jars, suitable lifters may be bought for a small sum. A milk carrier makes a good false bottom, and if this is used the jars may be easily lifted out at the end of the sterilization period.

   2. Commercial Hot-water Bath Outfits.末There are upon the market outfits on the order of the wash-boiler or pail type of homemade canner. These are excellent and are especially desirable if one has considerable quantities of vegetables or fruits to put up. There are also commercial canners convenient for out-door work, having fire-box and smoke-pipe all in one piece with the sterilizing vat. As with the homemade outfit, containers are immersed in boiling water.

Fig. 5 Water-seal canning outfit - cover, vat, crate
Fig. 5. Water-seal outfit. On the left is shown the cover, with thermometer. In the center is the double walled vat or holder. On the right is a crate for jars.

   3. Water Seal Outfits.末These are desirable, as the period of sterilization is shorter than in the homemade outfit and less fuel is therefore required. The outfit consists of two containers, one fitting within the other and a cover which extends into the space between the outer and the inner container. The waterjacket makes it possible for the temperature in the inner container to be raised several degrees above 212ー F.

Fig 6 Aluminum pressure canner
Fig. 6 Aluminum pressure canner.

   4. Steam Pressure Outfits.末Canning is very rapid when sterilization is done in steam maintained at a pressure. There are several canners of this type. Each is provided with pressure gauge and safety valve and they carry from 5 to 30 pounds of steam pressure. This type is suitable for home or community canning.
   5. Aluminum Pressure outfits.末These cookers are satisfactory for canning and for general cooking. They carry from 5 to 30 pounds of steam pressure. Each outfit is provided with a steam pressure gauge and safety valve.

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