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War Letters From The Living Dead Man




The Return of "X"
II. A Dweller on the Threshold
III. An Assurance
IV. The Way of Understanding
V. Astral Monsters
VI. The Archduke
VII. The "Chosen People"
VIII. Spectres of the Congo
IX. Unseen Guardians
X. One Day as a Thousand Years
XI. Many Tongues
XII. The Beautiful Being
XIII. The Body of Humanity
XIV. The Foeman Within
XV. Listening in Brussels
XVI. The Sixth Race
XVII. An American on Guard
XVIII. A Master of Compassion
XIX. The Rose-Veiled Stranger
XX. Above the Battlefields
XXI. A Soul in Purgatory
XXII. Peace Propaganda
XXIII. The Mystery of Desire
XXIV. The Scales of Justice
XXV. For Love's Sake
XXVI. A Master of Mind
XXVII. Invisible Enemies
XXVIII. The Glory of War
XXIX. A Friend of "X"
XXX. The Rose and the Cross
XXXI. A Serbian Magician
XXXII. Judas and Typhon
XXXIII. Crowns of Straw
XXXIV. The Sylph and the Father
XXXV. Behind the Dark Veil
XXXVI. The "Lusitania"
XXXVII. Veiled Prophecies
XXXVIII. Advice to a Scribe
XXXIX. One of These Little Ones
XL. The Height and the Depth
XLI. A Conclave of Masters
XLII. A Lesson in the Kabala
XLIII. The Second Coming
XLIV. Poison Gases
XLV. The Superman
XLVI. The Entering Wedge
XLVII. The New Brotherhood
XLVIII. In the Crucible
XLIX. Black Magic in America
L. Things to Remember







            In my former book I reminded you that your friends who had passed into the astral world did not know everything; that though their sight was longer than before and their eyes less clouded by matter, they yet could not always prophesy as glibly as fortune-tellers—or at least that they were wiser not to attempt it. Now I have in mind an illustration of that very point, only the subjects are much more exalted than the ordinary dwellers on the astral plane.
            There is, for instance, not perfect unanimity in our minds as to all the details of the end of this war. There are two of us who often discuss ways and means, who, while desiring the same result of peace, have slightly varying views as to the best possible way to bring that result to pass.

            One of our Brothers, who is still occupying his physical body most of the time, has a great desire to soften so far as possible the blow that is to fall upon one of the nations in this war. We all want to soften so far as possible the blow for that nation; but he has in his mind a plan which would, if put into effect, very materially soften it. He knows that he could perhaps bring it about in the way he wishes; yet he is far too wise to force the issue. He will not force the issue. He tries softly to inspire those who have it in their power to suggest the beginnings of peace according to his ideas. We do nothing to deflect the current of his loving thoughts, for he is the only one among us—and by us I mean the Brothers of a certain development—he is the only one among us who has a greater tenderness for one race than for all the others. He is not so old as some of us, but he is one of the greatest.
            He may be able to do what he wishes, but I personally am not sure. In one way he is wiser than I am; but my judgment is not at all influenced by tenderness for my own native land, which is not yet directly concerned, and so I may be a safer judge than he.

            Do not take this as an admission of weakness in my Brother. Love is not a weakness.
            This brother wrote a prediction through the hand of a pupil of his not long ago. Perhaps it will be verified. Nothing will be thrown by any of us in the way of its verification. In fact, if it is the best way it will have the support of all.
            Even a Master does not know everything, though to the blind eyes of lesser men he seems to know everything. And a Master is too wise to attempt to force his individual will upon the world. The black magician is willing to bring things to pass by the power of his will, and often he can do it; but he does not always count on the reaction. The White Master always counts on the reaction. He works with the Law.

            There is arising now in America a school of magic, for it is a form of magic that they practise, and the teachers of this school instruct their followers how to bring events to pass, how to demonstrate in the material world the material desires of their hearts. They can do it, the strong ones can, if their desires are not against the great stream of desire that carries the race forward. But often these material desires are not in strict accord with the karma of the person desiring; that is, the balance of karma being worked out now may be so violently drawn upon in one direction, that for the following life there will be left only a lot of unhappy karma, weak karma, which has not been wisely distributed over that time in which they have been operating with this new plaything, this magic power which they are using to make their present lives one glad sweet song.
            The way to get what you want is to will what the great Law decides. That is what the Masters do. And I am not denying the greatness of my Brother whom I mentioned a few pages back. He wills the will of the great Law, the same as all of us do; and if his tenderness for his native land has inspired him to devise a plan which seems in harmony with the great Law, he would not put the plan into effect if he could, should he realize that it was not in accordance with that law.

            There is always danger for the man who is not a Master in pitting his judgment against the law of karma. If a poor man wants to be rich, and if he wills hard enough, he can become rich; but he may miss by the way other things that his soul needs far more than it needs riches.
            One of the greatest dangers that face America in the future is the danger of black magic. Among a hundred men or women who take up New Thought, Christian Science, ceremonial magic, and certain philosophies with even loftier verbal aims, there may be one whose desire is perfectly pure and unselfish.
            There is great power in America. The untrodden hills and mountains are full of fresh new forces that man may draw upon. Also the astral world above America—that layer of the astral which lies immediately outside the physical continent, as the aura of man extends beyond his body—that layer of the astral world above America is full of forces, elemental and astral forces, which can be used consciously by those who know how to use them, and which are used unconsciously by those whose personal desires are so strong that the more or less impersonal forces are obliged to follow them—swung into line by the power of desire or will.
            Great danger lies that way for those who use such forces for evil, and between selfish desire and evil the veil is very thin.

            There are seeking incarnation in this new race many of those whose magical work along dark lines was interrupted in the old days of Atlantis. Yes, that story of Atlantis is true. Many of these souls are now coming in, some here and some in other countries; but their main course is in the direction of the New World. More and more the forces of magic will be used in the New World. It is for you and for others who know that magic used for selfish purposes is always black magic, to warn those who are too much fascinated by the idea that they can be the makers of their own fortunes at the expense of others.
            This warning is much needed. And I want to say to those whose only desire for occult knowledge is that they may use it for their own selfish ends, that if they stand in the way of the Law that works for unselfishness in the new race, they will be destroyed again as they were destroyed in ancient Atlantis. And I do not mean that their souls will be destroyed, but that their lives will be cut short and their influence for evil nullified.

            Do not be shocked when I tell you that there have been working in Europe during and before the present war “artificial elementals” that were created in the time of Atlantis. Those beings, for they have a force and a pseudo-individuality, have been used in this war by those (now reincarnated) who created them ages ago. They have drifted to their creators by the power of attraction.
            One such creature was destroyed last July, and I assisted in its destruction.

             At the time of the birth of a new race, will has great dynamics. Use your will with the Law, not against it.
            Do you realize, you who put your desires above all things, that each of you is but a drop in the stream of souls? The drop that would isolate itself from the stream may be sucked up by the sun in the form of vapor and wait a long time before entering the stream again.
            Now do not take any of this as applying to my Brother who wants to soften the blow for his native land. I want to soften the future of my native land, and that is why I am writing about the new race that is going to be born in America. But if I should learn, through counsel with my Brothers or through individual inspiration, that it was best that the new race should be born elsewhere, I would work with the same devotion to bring it into being in that other place. And so would my Brother. We who work with the Law put the welfare of the human race above our own individual loves. All races are one race—the human race—and we work together as one.

            April 10.

Letter XIX.