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e-book: Afterlife


War Letters From The Living Dead Man




The Return of "X"
II. A Dweller on the Threshold
III. An Assurance
IV. The Way of Understanding
V. Astral Monsters
VI. The Archduke
VII. The "Chosen People"
VIII. Spectres of the Congo
IX. Unseen Guardians
X. One Day as a Thousand Years
XI. Many Tongues
XII. The Beautiful Being
XIII. The Body of Humanity
XIV. The Foeman Within
XV. Listening in Brussels
XVI. The Sixth Race
XVII. An American on Guard
XVIII. A Master of Compassion
XIX. The Rose-Veiled Stranger
XX. Above the Battlefields
XXI. A Soul in Purgatory
XXII. Peace Propaganda
XXIII. The Mystery of Desire
XXIV. The Scales of Justice
XXV. For Love's Sake
XXVI. A Master of Mind
XXVII. Invisible Enemies
XXVIII. The Glory of War
XXIX. A Friend of "X"
XXX. The Rose and the Cross
XXXI. A Serbian Magician
XXXII. Judas and Typhon
XXXIII. Crowns of Straw
XXXIV. The Sylph and the Father
XXXV. Behind the Dark Veil
XXXVI. The "Lusitania"
XXXVII. Veiled Prophecies
XXXVIII. Advice to a Scribe
XXXIX. One of These Little Ones
XL. The Height and the Depth
XLI. A Conclave of Masters
XLII. A Lesson in the Kabala
XLIII. The Second Coming
XLIV. Poison Gases
XLV. The Superman
XLVI. The Entering Wedge
XLVII. The New Brotherhood
XLVIII. In the Crucible
XLIX. Black Magic in America
L. Things to Remember







            To those who have suffered in this war, either from wounds of the body or wounds of the soul, it has sometimes seemed that the Christ of the Christian world has turned His back and gone away, perhaps to some other star where His teaching could be understood and His law of love become a real influence in the lives and hearts of men.
            But the Christ who died to teach men how to live has not left the world in this its hour of trial.
            He is the same Christ of love and compassion; and whoever attempts to put in His place a Christ of hate and pitilessness, blasphemes His sacred name, and will one day pay the awful penalty of that blasphemy.
            I have seen face to face the Christ who walked the world in Galilee. Are you startled, you Christians who hope to see Christ when you die? Why should I not see Him? Have I not served, in life and in death? Am I not serving now, to the best of my individual power? Yes, I have seen the Christ.

            Look for Him to come again “in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory,” though He may not walk the earth again in material form. What need is there for Him to walk the earth now in a mortal body, when more and more men and women are opening their spiritual sight, so that they can see Him while still held in their robes of flesh?
            I have told you of the Beautiful Being on the battlefields, and now I want to tell you of the Christ on the Battlefields.
            He was never afraid of pain, that son of Light, who showed the way of pain to the shrinking souls of men. The cross of Christ is a living thing, and its power will be felt more and more as the tired world recovers itself after its baptism of blood.
            When the half-gods go the gods arrive. When Mars, the half-god, the war-god, is sent back to his place, the god of love and pity can make Himself seen in the hearts of men and women.

            They are wise who hope for the Christian faith a renaissance of life. It had grown old and indifferent. Thinking itself saved, it had forgotten to save the world. Feeling itself secure, it let its security be surprised by Mars, the war-god.
            Many a soul in its last hour of agony has seen the Christ; many a soul in France, in Belgium, in Poland, and on the war-rocked sea has recognized the Friend that sticketh closer than a brother.
            Many a mother has seen in true vision her dying son held up by the Christ. Catholic, Protestant, “free-thinker,” they all have called on the Son of Mary to comfort their sons in the last dread moment and beyond.
            From the shrieking hell in Belgium I yesterday saw a man, a common soldier, go straight from death into the high place beyond even astral turmoil, because in dying he called on the Christ of his mother’s faith to take him away from strife to the heaven of peace above the world. Many have gone that way since this trial by fire began, but more have remained below. Few have faith enough for the great flight.

            Whatever religion you work with, let it include the Christ and the cross of Christ! What other comfort is there for the soul that feels its pain and feels the awful sum of the world’s pain at this time? Philosophy is good, I have called myself a philosopher; but love is the highest reach of philosophy, and Christ is the highest reach of love.
            They talk of a new religion, as if the love of Christ were an old and worn-out love. The love of Christ is reborn whenever a soul in a flash of illumination beholds that mystery in his heart.
            Worship the Christ in your own heart, for He is there. Worship Him in the heart of your friend, for He is there. Worship Him in the heart of your enemy, for He is also there. Then slay if you can, when you know whom you seek to slay.
            A new spirit has entered the hearts of the soldiers. They fight on, but they have been told in dreams that they fight their brethren.
            Murderers on the high seas, pirates under the eagle, they too are your brothers. “Forgive them; for they know not what they do.” Conquer them, because you must; but do not forget that they are your brothers.

            The Christ who hovers over the battlefields carries no flag. He is the first of the neutrals, because he loves all, even the pirates under the eagle and the murderers on the high seas. The Roman soldiers on Golgotha were not execrated by Him.
            When He took upon himself the limitations of the flesh, He understood limitation by transcending it. We can never understand any limitation until we transcend it.
            Who should know better than He the agony of torn flesh and broken bones and mangled nerves? Can the wounded soldiers teach Him anything? Can the betrayed world give Him advice in settling with its Judas? “That thou doest, do quickly.”
            The betrayer of the world has hanged himself already in his excess of zeal. When his effigy was burned in Rome, do not think that he did not feel the fire. He felt it. The supreme War Lord has had one moment of sanity. Yesterday I saw his demon go snarling along the battle line. He did not snarl when I met him first, now many months ago.

            If I could only make you understand that I speak of facts, not fancies! I have seen what I describe, as clearly as you see the table before you, or the pencil in your hand. When I say that I have talked with demons, I mean that I have talked with demons. When I say that I have seen the Christ, I mean that I have seen the Christ. I am not weaving romances, nor have I come back from my journey among the stars to compete with the spinners of tales. I write to reveal what otherwise would be unrevealed, to show to the world the causes lest the world go wrong with the effects. I want to help even the race that all other races, including its ally the Turk, now execrate.
            Only the charity of Christ is wide enough to cover this world-betrayal. And I tell you the betrayers were egged on, inspired and themselves betrayed by the personal forces of evil, in their supreme effort to put back the clock of civilization.
            But the Christ cast out devils and raised the dead. Can He not cast out these devils behind the purpose of war? Can He not raise the dead to the region of peace in the end? Can He not raise you to the level of His charity?

 May 16.

Letter XLIV