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War Letters From The Living Dead Man




The Return of "X"
II. A Dweller on the Threshold
III. An Assurance
IV. The Way of Understanding
V. Astral Monsters
VI. The Archduke
VII. The "Chosen People"
VIII. Spectres of the Congo
IX. Unseen Guardians
X. One Day as a Thousand Years
XI. Many Tongues
XII. The Beautiful Being
XIII. The Body of Humanity
XIV. The Foeman Within
XV. Listening in Brussels
XVI. The Sixth Race
XVII. An American on Guard
XVIII. A Master of Compassion
XIX. The Rose-Veiled Stranger
XX. Above the Battlefields
XXI. A Soul in Purgatory
XXII. Peace Propaganda
XXIII. The Mystery of Desire
XXIV. The Scales of Justice
XXV. For Love's Sake
XXVI. A Master of Mind
XXVII. Invisible Enemies
XXVIII. The Glory of War
XXIX. A Friend of "X"
XXX. The Rose and the Cross
XXXI. A Serbian Magician
XXXII. Judas and Typhon
XXXIII. Crowns of Straw
XXXIV. The Sylph and the Father
XXXV. Behind the Dark Veil
XXXVI. The "Lusitania"
XXXVII. Veiled Prophecies
XXXVIII. Advice to a Scribe
XXXIX. One of These Little Ones
XL. The Height and the Depth
XLI. A Conclave of Masters
XLII. A Lesson in the Kabala
XLIII. The Second Coming
XLIV. Poison Gases
XLV. The Superman
XLVI. The Entering Wedge
XLVII. The New Brotherhood
XLVIII. In the Crucible
XLIX. Black Magic in America
L. Things to Remember







            You have something more to do than simply to write down what I say about brotherhood. With selfless devotion you must help the world to realize it, pointing out the way to individuals and aggregates of individuals.
            Universal Brotherhood! It has a pretty sound, and mouths have repeated it for the sake of its music, when the meaning of it was neither in the heart nor in the brain.
            Universal Brotherhood is not only the brotherly relation between the units of the Many, but Universal Brotherhood is also their unity, conscious and real, in the One Self. Universal Brotherhood is the return of the Many to the One, as well as their enjoyment of the journey itself.
            You have repeated the old Hindoo word, formula, mantra, AUM, repeated it like a parrot; but if you had realized AUM I should not have to preach brotherhood to you, and by “you” I mean all men and women who have prattled of Universal Brotherhood.

            A-U-M—the One, the Many, and the Union between them: the Self, the Not-Self, and the negation of separateness. AUM, the seed, the plant and the perfume.
            What do you fancy that you are in the world for?
            You have heard of Mulaprakriti, you Theosophists: Mulaprakriti, root-nature. You have heard of the three gunas, or qualities of Mulaprakriti, satwa, rajas, tamas: satwa, light, being, peace; rajas, action, passion, assertion; tamas, darkness, inertia, denial.
            Some of you have heard of Christ, Lucifer, Ahriman.—Satwa, rajas and tamas, again, under other names.
            You Kabalists have heard of Neshamah, Ruach, Nephesh: aspiration, individual intelligence, materiality.
            You have all heard of Vishnu, Brahma, Shiva: the Preserver, the Creator, the Destroyer.—Yes, that is the proper order, for Vishnu preserves from kalpa to kalpa, and Brahma recreates.

            Krishna (Vishnu) says in the Bhagavat-Gita, “I am the Self that is seated in the hearts of all beings.”
            He is the One and the Many, for He is in the many and the many are in Him. You cannot realize Krishna save as you realize Him as the Self that is seated in the hearts of all beings. You cannot realize the Christ until you can see Him in the hearts of all beings.
            Yes, you may struggle with one another and call it hate, or war; that is separateness.
            Separateness is necessary as a stage of evolution, that the ego may realize itself as distinct; but the time has come when the race should turn back toward its Source, to Unity, to the Atma that is the same in everyone.
            I have learned much since I last left you two years ago. On earth I did not talk incessantly of Universal Brotherhood. I wanted to achieve a “peerless individuality.” Well, I have achieved it. On my two years’ journey among the planets and elsewhere, I found the power I sought; but I found something else--—love, the greatest power of all.

            Brotherhood is love and that is why I preach brotherhood. You may acquire individuality by hating, but not a “peerless individuality.”
            Do not be afraid of losing your identity. So long as you can love something other than yourself you will not lose your individuality. For to love something other is to posit your individuality.
            To love only your separate self is to lose your hold on individuality, for you are only an individual in relation to other selves. Alone in the universe, you would have to be nothing or everything, and you cannot be everything—not just yet, save as you are everything through unity with everything, and that is love.
            Rebel as you will, by that very rebellion against others you assert their equality with you, you assert their co-existence, and behind co-existence is Unity, Krishna, “the Self that is seated in the hearts of all beings.”
            Do not be shocked when I say that from our point of view this war seems very childish, very ignorant.
            War was noble a long time ago when man-kind was on its way out and needed to realize separateness; but in course of time war will become not only unnecessary, but banal.

            I am not jesting with serious things. I know far better than you can know how very serious this war is, for I have watched it on both planes.
            The war between the forces of good and evil was not banal. In the human heart that war will go on for a long time yet, aeons on aeons; but the day has come when men should war with the evil in themselves, and let other men war with the evil in themselves. The sword of Mars, the war-god, will not rust so long as the Mars in man wields it against the powers of darkness within himself.
            I have seen the powers of darkness in men exteriorized, have seen them in objective form, and I assure you they are foeman worthy of your steel. Each of you has within a foeman worthy of his steel.
            Each man has also the Self, the divine, the Christ, the Krishna that is seated in the hearts of all beings.

            I want to tell you something which I saw with my own eyes.
            On the battlefield in France, two soldiers killed each other with the bayonet. The devil in each escaped with the soul. They were not ordinary men. I saw these two devils, these two “dwellers on the threshold,” these two “desire-elementals,” call them what you will. Do you think they fell upon each other to destroy each other? Not at all. Each fell upon the soul it belonged to. They had no interest in each other; they had nothing to give or to take away from each other, these devils, dwellers, elementals.
            Do you see what I mean?
            Your enemy is within you.
            The one you fight outside is your brother. Love him with brotherly love and your devil will grow weaker as your angel grows stronger.
            Your angel is descended from the Atma, the Christ, the Krishna in you. It is similar to the Atma, the Christ, the Krishna in your brother.
            The devils are all very individual. The angels are all very much alike, though some are stronger than others and older in experience.
            Seek the Christ in yourself, that it may arise, with tidings of great joy unto all men.
            That is what I wish to say to the world on this evening before Easter Day.

            April 3.

Letter XV.