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old-fashioned garden tips/tricks:

  Early Cucumbers and Melons    


Index of tips

Vegetable Tips
Making Pumpkins Grow Fast - 1918
Early Cucumbers and Melons - 1888
Substitute for Bean Poles - 1888
Get a Second Growth of Cabbage - 1945

Organic Insect & Weed Control Tips
Potato Juice as an Insect Destroyer - 1888
Weeds on Gravel Walks - 1888
Tomato Leaves a Remedy for the Curculio - 1888
Eggshells for slugs, snails, caterpillars

Miscellaneous Tips
Driving Nails Into Hard Wood - 1888
To Clean an Old Roof - 1888
To Render Wood Uninflammable - 1888

Handy Devices
Moving Large Tree 1919
Shade for Poultry Yard (Trellis)- 1919
Water Heater and Food Cooker - 1919
Window Stand for Seed Boxes - 1919



  For early melons or cucumbers many plant the seeds on inverted sods cut about four inches square. The sods are placed in a frame of any kind, and covered to the depth of half an inch with mellow, rich earth. The plants root firmly in these sods the same as they would in small flower pots, and may safely be transplanted as soon as the weather becomes settled and warm. For melons this is an excellent plan, since our seasons are scarcely long enough to ripen them before the cool nights of autumn, when the seeds are planted in the ground in the usual way.

The Farm and Household Cyclopędia - circa 1888