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THE GARDEN MAGAZINE - May 1917 page 229

The Garden Magazine May 1917 - page 229 - Deutzias

May 1917
Front Cover / Inside Front
Inside Back / Back Cover


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219 Table of Contents
220 The President to the People (Wilson's plea for gardens)
221 Among our Garden Neighbors
222 Papaya, Opal Anchusa, Cotton, Japanese Knotweed
223 Gordonia, Building a Better Home, Letters
224 The Month's Reminder
225 Summer Flower-Roots for Present Planting - Gladiolus
New Deutzias Better than Old
230 The Rockery Idea in Edgings
231 Home Vegetable Gardens A Patriotic Duty
How the Modern Lilac Came to Be
234 Victor Lemoine, Plant Hybridist
The Evolution of My Garden
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Prepare in May for Winter Flowers
Novelties in Summer Flower-roots and Bulbs
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264 Chicken Chowder, Fence, Portable Poultry Runways, Oregon & California Railroad Co. Land Grants for Sale (2,300,000 acres)ADs


New Deutzias Better Than the Old   JOHN DUNBAR - Rochester, New York


D. Kalmiaeflora Deutzia photo

D. Kalmiaeflora which has flowers somewhat like Mountain Laurel is the tenderest of all the hybrids. June 1


  Deutzia carnea is a most lovely flowering shrub, having numerous panicles, 4 to 4-1/2 inches long, of pink or pinkish red flowers, and blossoms in a normal season, about June 28th. This is a hybrid between Deutzia gracilis and D. eurpurascens and is usually catalogued under the name of Deutzia discolor carnea.
  Deutzia elegantissima is just what the name implies—a most elegant flowering shrub. It sends up slender branches, which produce branchlets 5 inches long, terminated by broad corymbs of handsome white flowers which are tinted outside and inside with pinkish red. It usually blossoms about June 1st. This is a hybrid between Deutzia purpurascens and D. Sieboldiana, and is catalogued under the name of Deutzia discolor elegantissima.
  Deutria Kalmiaeflora. As the name implies the flowers have a faint suggestion of Kalmia blossoms. They are produced in smallish corymbose clusters. The blossoms are rose tinted inside and strongly marked with carmine outside. This is a very beautiful form and is a hybrid between Deutzia parviflora and D. purpurascens. We find this to be one of the most tender of the hybrids. It is apt to be injured in a very severe winter. It is usually in bloom about June 1st.
  Deutzia Lemoinei Boule de Neige is always very noticeable in bloom. The numerous dense upright panicles of creamy white flowers stand out prominently. This is one of the progeny of Deutzia gracilis crossed with D. parviflora. It is very hardy, and blossoms usually about May 30th.

D. rosea campanulata Deutzia photo

D. rosea campanulata. "One of the most charming of all." Bell shaped white flowers and reddish calyx. May 30.

  Deutzia magnifica and its forms represent hybrids between Deutzia scabra and D. Vilmorinae. Deutzia magnifica formosa, has double white flower panicles with petals somewhat reflexed on branchlets 5 to 8 inches long. This is very showy and floriferous, and would appear to be an excellent form for cut flower purposes. It flowers about June 21st.
  Deutzia magnifica insignis, bears strong marks of Deutzia Vilmorinae, one of the parents. The branches are slender and dark colored, with smallish leaves. The double white, broad flower panicles, somewhat inclined to be corymbose, on slender branchlets 5-1/2 inches long are very conspicuous. It blossoms about June 19th.
 Deutzia magnifica latiflora is a form with single large flowers on upright panicles. The pure white single blossoms are very attractive. The flowers on our plants however, do not attain the size the originators claim for them, as they state they are 1-1/2 inches across. Perhaps when the plants become better established, the inflorescence may improve. It blossoms about June 21st.
  Deutzia myriantha is a hybrid between Deutzia parviflora and Deutzia setchuenensis, as given by the Lemoines. Alfred Rehder places it as a hybrid between Deutzia Lemoinei and D. purpurascens. This is hardy with us, which surprises me, as one of the alleged parents, Deutzia setchuenensis will not stand our winters. Deutzia myriantha is a charming garden plant. The large loose pure white flower cymes are produced on slender branchlets, and stand out prominently. It blossoms about June 21st. Forms a bush 2-1/2 to 3 ft. high.
  Deutzia myriantha Fleur de Pommier is a neat, upright branching shrub, producing numerous flowering branchlets four to six inches long, terminated by the showy rosy pink corymbose clusters. [Hence its varietal name signifying " apple blossom "]. A beautiful garden plant, and blossoms about May 30th.


The following Deutzias are all the resulting progeny of crossing Deutzia gracilis with Deutzia purpurascens.
  Deutzia rosea is a small growing shrub, with arching branches. When in bloom the branches are thickly covered with pretty panicles of pink flowers, turning in a few days to deep rosy pink. This is a dainty flowering shrub and usually is in bloom about May 28th. It flowers about the same time as the common Deutzia gracilis.
  Deutzia rosea campanulata is one of the most charming of all Deutzias. It grows freely; and the long, graceful, arching branches covered with the panicles of campanulate, or bell-shaped, large white flowers, surrounded by reddish calyx lobes, combine to make it an extremely beautiful form. It usually is in blossom about May 30th. This should be in the collection of any person who wanted, say six of the best Deutzias.
  Deutzia rosea carminea stands out prominently as a highly colored form in bloom. The habit is upright, and the panicles of deep rosy pink flowers, distinctly carmine red outside, give it a singular appearance. The young branches and branchlets are darkish red in color. It is usually in bloom about June 1st.
  Deutzia rosea eximia is a most superb form. The habit is inclined to be upright. The numerous flowering branchlets, 5 to 5-1/2 inches long are terminated by handsome flower panicles. The blossoms are a 7/8ths of one inch across, and are richly tinted with deep rosy pink outside. It generally comes in flower about May 28th.

D. rosea Deutzia photo

D. rosea has pink flowers becoming rosy as they age. A small growing shrub that flowers May 28.

 Deutzia rosea grandiflora forms a bush of considerable size, and is inclined to grow more vigorously than most of the hybrids. This was sent out by the Lemoines a number of years since, and we have grown it for a good many years. The white flowers are almost one inch across, and beautifully rose tinted on the outside, and borne on numerous ample conspicuous panicles. It flowers about May 30th.
  Deutzia rosea multiflora is distinct for its abundant white flower panicles, which are thickly clustered together on compact small bushes. The blossoms are 7/8ths of one inch across. It is in full bloom in normal seasons about May 28th.
  Deutzia rosea venusta is a form with remarkably pure white flowers, and the individual blossoms about 15-16 of one inch across. The flowers are borne on large conspicuous panicles on fastigiate branches, which renders it very distinct amongst other Deutzias. It blossoms about May 28th.

D. rosea grandiflora Deutzia photo

D. rosea grandiflora. White flowers rose tinted on the outside. Almost an inch across. A vigorous grower. May 30.



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