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My family always peels tomatoes except when they eat them standing in the garden fresh off the vine. I didn't know this was unusual until I moved away. Is it odd?

Do you peel tomatoes?
(for eating, not canning)

yes   no

Peanut Butter & Dill Pickle Sandwich

Use your favorite bread and peanut butter. Spread peanut butter on both slices of bread. Pile sliced dill pickles or pickle chips on one side then top with other slice.


Pineapple Sandwich

Use your favorite bread and mayonnaise. Spread mayo thickly on both slices of bread. Use canned or fresh crushed, rings or chunks of pineapple. Be sure to drain pineapple well or you will have a soggy mess. Arrange pineapple on top of mayo, cover with other slice. Good with potato chips and milk.


Uncle Lambertís Banana Sandwich

Use white Wonder bread and real mayonnaise (no substitutes). Spread mayo thickly on both slices of bread. Peel ripe banana and break off chunks about Ĺ″ thick. Arrange banana on mayo. Cover with other slice and slap the bread hard to squush banana. Good with potato chips and milk.


Banana Sandwich 2

Substitute peanut butter for mayo in Uncle Lambertís Banana Sandwich.


Ultimate Tomato Sandwich

Use very fresh and soft multigrain bread. (Southernerís use very fresh and soft white bread.) Spread two slices generously with real mayonnaise (no substitute). Go pick sun-warm tomato growing in your garden. Peel tomato and slice thickly. Arrange tomato slices on one piece of bread. Sprinkle lightly with salt and pepper if desired. Cover with other slice of bread. Enjoy! Have lots of napkins handy. Serve with potato chips, cucumbers and onions in vinegar (see below) and sweet iced tea. Thereís nothing better.

Cucumbers & Onions Ė Not a sandwich, but required for Ultimate Tomato Sandwich

Thinly slice 3-4 cucumbers into a large container with lid. I like to use pickling cucumbers but any will do. Use more if small. Slice a large sweet onion into very thin slices and separate rings. Add onion to cucumber. Salt and pepper generously. Pour distilled, apple cider or herb vinegar over cucumbers and onions to almost cover. Add enough water to just cover. Mix, cover and refrigerate for several hours for cucumbers and onion to absorb vinegar. I keep a container of these in my refrigerator all summer and just keep adding cucumbers and onion as they get eaten.
(NOTE: Use less vinegar and more water if you like less pucker.)


Lettuce Sandwich

One bowl of Campbellís Tomato Soup prepared with milk
Premium Saltine Crackers
Your favorite bread and mayonnaise.
Red Leaf or other leaf lettuce

Spread mayo thickly on two slices of bread. Pile 2-3 leaves of lettuce up to make sandwich thick. Salt. Cover with other slice of bread. Squash enough to be able to bite into sandwich. Crush crackers into soup. Alternate eating tomato soup and lettuce sandwich. Sandwich also good dipped into soup. Serve with milk.