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Household Weights and Measures - 1, 2, 3, 4

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Cooking Terms & Tips

Household Weights & Measures
Table of Weights & Measures
Time Required for Cooking
Bread, Pastries, Puddings
Sea Foods, Game & Poultry
Beef, Pork, Lamb, Mutton, Veal,

Table of Proportions

Kitchen Tips

Rules for Eating

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Food and Clothing in a Lifetime

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  from The New Household Discoveries An Encyclopedia of Recipes and Processes edited by Sidney Morse - 1917

Sea Foods

Clams   Boiled   3 to 5 minutes
Fish, Shad, Bluefish and Whitefish   Broiled   15 to 30 minutes
Fish, Slices of Halibut, Salmon or Swordfish   Broiled   12 to 15 minutes
Fish, Codfish and Haddock, per pound   Boiled   6 minutes
Fish, Halibut, whole or thick piece, per pound   Boiled   15 minutes
Fish, Bluefish and Bass, per pound   Boiled   10 minutes
Fish, Salmon, whole or thick cut, per pound   Boiled   10 to 15 minutes
Fish, small   Boiled   6 to 10 minutes
Fish, small   Broiled   5 to 8 minutes
Fish, whole, as bluefish, salmon, etc.   Baked   1 hour or more
Small fish and fillets   Baked   20 to 30 minutes
Lobsters   Boiled   25 to 45 minutes
Oysters   Boiled   3 to 5 minutes

Game and Poultry

Birds, game, small   Roasted   15 to 20 minutes
Chicken spring   Broiled   20 minutes
Chicken, per pound   Roasted   15 or more minutes
Chicken, 3 pounds   Boiled   1 to 1-1/2 hours
Duck (domestic)   Roasted   1 hour or more
Duck (wild)   Roasted   15 to 30 minutes
Fowl, 4 to 5 pounds   Boiled   2 to 4 hours
Fowl, per pound   Roasted   30 to 45 minutes
Goose, 8 to 10 pounds   Roasted   2 hours or more
Grouse   Roasted   25 to 30 minutes
Partridge   Roasted   45 to 50 minutes
Pigeons (potted)   Baked   3 hours
Quails   Broiled   8 to 10 minutes
Quails, in paper cases   Broiled   10 to 12 minutes
Rabbit   Roasted   30 to 45 minutes
Squabs   Broiled   10 to 12 minutes
Turkey, 8 to 10 pounds   Roasted   3 hours
Turkey, 9 pounds   Boiled   2 to 3 hours
Venison, rare, per pound   Roasted   10 minutes



(page 53 in book)