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Household Weights and Measures - 1, 2, 3, 4

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  To Tell Good Eggs and Keeping Eggs Fresh

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Cooking Terms & Tips

Household Weights & Measures
Table of Weights & Measures
Time Required for Cooking
Bread, Pastries, Puddings
Sea Foods, Game & Poultry
Beef, Pork, Lamb, Mutton, Veal,

Table of Proportions

Kitchen Tips

Rules for Eating

Eat the Best Food Possible

Food and Clothing in a Lifetime

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  from The New Household Discoveries An Encyclopedia of Recipes and Processes edited by Sidney Morse - 1917

Bread, Pastries, Puddings, Etc.

Biscuits (baking powder)   Baked   12 to 15 minutes
Bread (white loaf)   Baked   45 to 60 minutes
Bread (Graham loaf)   Baked   35 to 60 minutes
Brown Bread   Steamed   3 hours
Cake, fruit   Baked   2 to 3 hours
Cake, layer   Baked   20 to 30 minutes
Cake, loaf, small   Baked   25 to 40 minutes
Cake, loaf, medium or large   Baked   35 to 90 minutes
Cake, sponge   Baked   45 to 60 minutes
Cake, wedding   Baked   3 hours
Cookies   Baked   8 to 15 minutes
Custards, small or in cups   Baked   20 to 35 minutes
Custards, large   Baked   35 to 65 minutes
Doughnuts   Fried   3 to 5 minutes
Fritters   Fried   3 to 5 minutes
Gingerbread   Baked   20 to 30 minutes
Graham Gems   Baked   25 to 35 minutes
Macaroni   Baked   20 to 50 minutes
Muffins, baking powder   Baked   20 to 25 minutes
Muffins, raised   Baked   30 minutes
Patties   Baked   20 to 25 minutes
Pie Crust   Baked   30 to 45 minutes
Pies   Baked   30 to 50 minutes
Puddings, batter   Baked   35 to 45 minutes
Puddings, bread   Baked   45 to 60 minutes
Pudding, Indian   Baked   2 to 3 hours
Pudding, steamed   Steamed   1 to 3 hours
Pudding, plum   Baked   2 to 3 hours
Pudding, rice   Baked   45 to 60 minutes
Pudding, tapioca   Baked   45 to 60 minutes
Rolls   Baked   12 to 25 minutes
Scalloped and au Gratin Dishes (cooked mixtures)   Baked   12 to 20 minutes
Tarts   Baked   15 to 20 minutes
Timbales   Baked   20 minutes



(page 52 in book)