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  from The New Household Discoveries An Encyclopedia of Recipes and Processes edited by Sidney Morse - 1917

  " How long is it necessary to cook this article?" is a question not easily answered because so many factors enter into the problem. There is much variation in the size of the product; its age; the amount of moisture it contains, dependent upon conditions of its growth; its tenderness or toughness; the texture of its fibers, etc.
  The best of time tables therefore can simply act as a guide to the intelligent housewife who must temper its directions by her own experience.

  Closely allied to the matter of time for cooking is the consideration of the temperature which should be applied to various food materials. One might almost say that all the problems of cookery would be solved if we could know more definitely than
we do at present the exact temperature to which each food should be subjected and the exact length of time to maintain it at that temperature. Our knowledge to-day is very incomplete on these matters, and investigations of time and temperature are continually being carried on in cookery laboratories. Until the subject of cookery has become better standardized such tables as the following will undoubtedly be an aid to the housewife. The time will come when their place will be taken by much more definite and reliable information.
  [These cooking times seem too long. Generally, with vegetables and fruits the shortest cooking time possible results in less nutrients lost - ep]


Artichokes, globe   Boiled   30 to 45 minutes
Artichokes, Jerusalem   Boiled   15 to 30 minutes
Asparagus   Boiled   15 to 30 minutes
Beans   Boiled   6 to 8 hours or more
Beans, Lima   Boiled   30 to 40 minutes
Beans, string or shell, young   Boiled   1 to 2 hours
Beans, string or shell, old   Boiled   2 to 4 hours
Beets, new   Boiled   45 to 60 minutes
Beets, old   Boiled   4 to 6 hours
Beet Greens   Boiled   1 hour or longer
Brussels sprouts   Boiled   15 to 25 minutes
Cabbage   Boiled   30 to 80 minutes
Carrots, young   Boiled   20 to 30 minutes
Carrots, old   Boiled   1 hour or longer
Cauliflower   Boiled   20 to 30 minutes
Celery   Boiled   2 hours or longer
Corn, green, on cob   Boiled   12 to 20 minutes
Dandelion Greens   Boiled   1-1/2 hours
Kohl-rabi   Boiled   20 to 30 minutes
Lentils   Boiled   2 hours or more
Lettuce   Steamed   10 to 15 minutes
Mushrooms   Stewed   25 minutes
Okra   Boiled   30 to 45 minutes
Onions, young   Boiled   30 to 60 minutes
Onions, old   Boiled   2 hours or more
Oyster Plant   Boiled   45 to 60 minutes
Parsnips   Boiled   30 to 45 minutes
Peas, green, young   Boiled   15 to 30 minutes
Peas, green, old   Boiled   30 to 60 minutes
Potatoes, new   Baked   25 to 45 minutes
Potatoes, old   Baked   30 to 60 minutes
Potatoes   Boiled   20 to 30 minutes
Potatoes, raw   Boiled   4 to 8 minutes
Potatoes, cooked   Fried   3 to 7 minutes
Potatoes, sweet   Fried   15 to 25 minutes
Potatoes, sweet   Boiled   45 to 60 minutes
Pumpkin   Baked    4 to 5 hours
Rice   Stewed   25 to 35 minutes
Rice   Boiled   40 to 60 minutes
Salsify   Steamed   45 to 60 minutes
Sea Kale   Boiled   30 to 40 minutes
Spinach   Boiled   15 to 20 minutes
Squash, summer   Boiled   20 to 30 minutes
Squash, winter   Boiled   1 hour
Tomatoes   Baked   25 to 40 minutes
Tomatoes   Stewed   15 to 20 minutes
Turnips, young   Boiled   15 to 20 minutes
Turnips, old   Boiled   30 to 45 minutes



(page 51 in book)