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The Flowers Personified

Section 8



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          “In 532, Saint Médard, bishop of Noyon, established the rosières. His sister was crowned at Salency, the birthplace of the institution – being the first who enjoyed the honor.

           “Heavens!” exclaimed I one day to the learned author of this three-canto poem, “The Art of raising Roses,” “ can you tell me why the rose was selected as the reward of virtue? Was not such honor due rather to the violet, or to the lily?”

           “Fair Ægle,” said the poet, in reply, “it has been found that virtue herself needs ornament; and hence they have chosen the rose, which is the flower of beauty.”

[The MS. of the Rose stops with the eighteenth century. But the reader will not be wholly deprived of the sequel to these interesting memoirs. There is every reason to believe, that the rose emigrated during the Revolution. She returned to France in the time of the Directory. Barras removed her name from the list of the emigrants. We have found, among her papers, notes and documents which enable us to resume the narrative, and to give the varied incidents of her life, from the year VII. Of the French Republic to the present time.]