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The Flowers Personified


now available in paperback Volume I

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Flower Names
Flower Meaning
Flower Fairy Tales

The Flowers Personified introduction

The Flowers
The hand-colored plates

The Flower Fairy
How and why the Flowers became human

The Story of Two Shepherdesses,
the Blonde and the Brunette: and of a Queen of France

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(Bluebottle, Corn poppy and Lily)

The Poet Jacobus Supposed He Had Found a Subject For An Epic Poem
(Pansy)  The secret language of flowers

Alphabetical list of Flower names in English, French & Latin with Meaning

Alphabetical list of Flower Meanings

Flora Timekeeping
Flora's Clock
The Floral Week
The Calendar of Flora

A Trick of the Flower Fairy

The Sultana Tulipia
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Fragments Taken at Random from the album of the rose
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Serious Displute In Relation to the Violet: Between The Flower Fairy and An Academy Which Prefers To Remain Anonymous.

(Water Lily)


MARGUERTINE The Oracle of the Meadows

CANZONE - The Flower of Forgetfulness

Flowers of the Ball-room


The Everlasting Flower

Differences in Plates

The Flowers

Differences in Bindings







           It was a lovely morning in the month of May, when I made my first appearance upon earth.

           The air was filled with fragrance, and with the sweet murmurings of love. The foliage had just expanded; the lark was singing in the early sunlight; and the shepherdess was skipping along under the hedges.

           As I looked around, I perceived a brilliant hornet nestling in the bosom of a rose which had just opened to the dawning light.

           “Poor sister!” said I to myself, “she has not ventured, like me, to burst her shell, and launch into a new existence. She is forced to receive the embraces of a vulgar insect. This very evening her soiled and withered leaves will strew the ground around her.”

           Rejoicing in the thought that I was a woman, I kept on my way.

           “Whither art thou going thus early, young rose-cheeked maiden?” said a peasant youth. “Art thou the goddess of May, come to visit my domain?”

           “Halloa! My pretty rosebud,” called out a handsome cavalier, “why so late on your way? See you not that the sun is up? His beams will scorch your fresh complexion. Mount behind me, and accompany me home. My steed is fleet; and the path which leads to my castle is bordered by green trees, and by hawthorn in flower.”

           I went with the handsome cavalier.

          Happy days of my youth! with what smiling beaut do ye still return to my remembrance!

           Homage and flattery surrounded me. My slightest wish was instantly complied with. In every possible way they pronounced me beautiful. Twenty poets contended for the honor of addressing to me their sonnets. I had not a wish ungratified, -- and yet there was something which I desired.

           In a word, I was but a rural queen, reigning over the simple villagers, and a few antiquated scholars, who had retired to the country. I longed for the bustle of the city, and the homage of a court.

           One night I clandestinely left the castle, to follow the governor of the province, who had been advanced to an important office under government.

           It is impossible to describe the sensation which was produced by my arrival in the capital. “Nothing more beautiful,” said the courtiers, “was ever presented to our eyes.” The king expressed a wish to see me, and fell desperately in love with me.

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