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The Flowers Personified

Section 6  
I. The Flowers Converse
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The young man turned, and saw a Bindweed, which was looking at him with its little blue eyes, and which said, -- “I yield myself to every passing breeze; I run this way and that, as may happen – hanging from the branches of the oak – winding among the heather – living sometimes with the great, and sometimes with the little. Do not forget me. I am Caprice.”

           “I represent the ties of love,” exclaimed a Honeysuckle.

           A Clematis then attempted to speak, but was interrupted by a Maple.

           “I am the Maple, with brilliant flowers and strong limbs. I am the symbol of Reserve. Listen to my advice, Jacobus. Trust not the Clematis, which climbs slyly up the walls, and shows her little head at the edge of the window, where young maidens go at evening to talk. The artful Clematis gets possession of their secrets, and then goes and makes sport of them, with her comrades, the giddy Almond and the perfidious Ebony.”

           The Clematis was about to reply, but the Fern prevented her, and took sides with the Maple. The sincerity of the Fern is so notorious, that the Clematis did not venture to engage with such an adversary. She held her peace.

           Jacobus could not get over this surprise. The flowers were alive; they talked to him; he could not hear too much from them.

           “Think of me,” said the Lilac. “I bear green leaves, and bunches of fragrant flowers. My countenance has an air of simplicity, and at the same time of coquettishness. I bloom early, and fade soon. I am the first love!”