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Flower Names
Flower Meaning
Flower Fairy Tales

The Flowers Personified introduction

The Flowers
The hand-colored plates

The Flower Fairy
How and why the Flowers became human

The Story of Two Shepherdesses,
the Blonde and the Brunette: and of a Queen of France

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(Bluebottle, Corn poppy and Lily)

The Poet Jacobus Supposed He Had Found a Subject For An Epic Poem
(Pansy)  The secret language of flowers

Alphabetical list of Flower names in English, French & Latin with Meaning

Alphabetical list of Flower Meanings

Flora Timekeeping
Flora's Clock
The Floral Week
The Calendar of Flora

A Trick of the Flower Fairy

The Sultana Tulipia
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Fragments Taken at Random from the album of the rose
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Serious Displute In Relation to the Violet: Between The Flower Fairy and An Academy Which Prefers To Remain Anonymous.

(Water Lily)


MARGUERTINE The Oracle of the Meadows

CANZONE - The Flower of Forgetfulness

Flowers of the Ball-room


The Everlasting Flower

Differences in Plates

The Flowers

Differences in Bindings


The Language of Flowers - alphabetical by Flower Meaning

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This list is not part of the book The Flowers Personified but I thought it would be helpful.
© 2001-2008



English flower names French flower names Latin flower names Meaning of flower
Windflower, Anémone, Anemone, Abandonment.
Wormwood, Absinthe, Absinthium, Absence.
Saffron, Safran, Crocus, Abuse.
Thyme, Thym, Thymus, Activity.
Daisy, double, Paquerette double, Dellis hortensis, Affection.
Starwort, Astère, Aster, Afterthought.
Sensitive Hedysarum, Sainfoin oscillant, Hedysarum gyranus, Agitation.
Jessamine, common white, Jasmin commun, Jasminus officinale, Amiability.
Anthericum, Phalangère, Phalangium, Antidote.
Pimpernel, red, Mouron rouge, Anagallis phœnicea, Appointment.
Arum, Gouet, commun, Arum vulgare, Ardor.
Wake-robin, Arum commun, Arum commune, Ardor.
Virgin’s-bower, Clématite, Clematis, Artifice.
Acanthus, Acanthe, Acanthus, Arts.
Larch, Mélèze, Pinus Larix Audacity.
Meadow-saffron, Colchique, Colchicum, Autumn.


Dodder, Cuscute, Cuscula, Baseness.
Sensitive plant, Sensitive, Mimosa sensitiva, Bashfulness.
Rose, Rose, Rosa, Beauty.
Passion-flower, Grenadille bleue, Passiflora cerulea, Belief.
Cinquefoil, Quinte-feuille, Potentilla Beloved daughter.
Flax, Lin, Linum usitatissimum, Benefactor.
Marshmallow, Guimauve, Althæa, Beneficence.
Teasel, Cardére, Dipsacus fullonum, Benefit.
Hyacinth, expanded, Hyacinthe étalée, Hyacinthus elatus, Benevolence.
Manchineel, Mancenillier, Hippomanes mancinella, Betrayal.
Dittany of Crete, Dietame de Crete Origanum Dictamnus, Birth.
Aloes, socotrine, Aloès, socotrine, Aloe, succotrina, Bitterness and pain.
Laburnum, Cytise faux ébénier, Cytisus laburnum, Blackness.
Borage, Bourrache, Borage, Bluntness.
Pine, Pin, Pinus, Boldness.
Honeysuckle, (sic) Chéve-feuille, Lanicera caprifolium, Bonds of love.
Madder, Garance, Rubia, Calumny.
Violet, white, Violette blanche, Viola alba, Candor.
Rose, musk, Rose musquée, Rosa moschata, Capricious beauth.
Hortensia, Hortensia, Hortensia opuloides, Carelessness.
Orange-blossom, Fleur d’oranger, Flos aurantii, Chasity.
Pink, musk, Œillet mignardise, Dianthus moschatus, Childishness.
Broom, Spanish, Genêt d’Espagne, Genista juncea, Cleanliness.
Fig Marigold, Ficoïde glaciale, Mesembryanthemum chrystallinum, Coldness of heart.
Chaste-tree, Gattilier commun, Vitex, Coldness,
Motherwort, Clandestine, Lathræa clandesina, Concealed love.
Lichen, Hépatique, Lichen hepatica, Confidence.
Lime-tree, Tilleul, Tilia, Conjugal affection.
Snowdrop, Galanth perce-neige, Galanthus nivalis, Consolation.
Bellflower, pyramidal, Pyramidale bleue, Campanula pyramidalis, Constancy.
Day-lily, yellow, Belle de jour, Hemerocallis flava, Coquetry.
Poplar, black, Peuplier noir, Populus niger, Courage.
Elastic Momordica, Momordique élastique, Momordica elaterium, Critique; hoax.
Nettle, Ortie, Urtica, Cruelty.
Tiger-flower, Tigridie, Tigridia, Cruelty.
Balsam of Peru, Baume du Perou, Myroxylon, Cure.
Strawberry of the Indies, Fraise de l’Inde, Fragaria indica, Deceitful appearances.
Thornapple, Datur, Datura stramonium, Deceitful charms.
Daffodil, common, Narcisse des près, Narcissus sylvestris, Deceitful hopes.
Tulip Tulipe, Tulipia, Declaration of love.
Hogbean, Jusquiame, Hyoscyamus, Defect.
Bluebottle, Bluet, Centaurea cyanus, Delicacy.
Laurestine, Lauier-tin, Viburnum tinue, Delicate attentions.
Hybrid crinum, Crinole hybride, Crinum, Delicate weakness.
Mezereon, Lauréole bois gentil, Daphne mezereum, Desire to please.
Jonquille, Jonquille, Narcissus jonquilla, Desire.
Mulberry, black, Muier noir, Morus niger, Devotedness.
Ophrys, spider, Ophrise-arraignée, Ophrys arachnites, Dexterity.
Black thorn, Epine noire, Prunus sylvestris, Difficulty.
Clove-tree, Giroflier, Caryophyllus aromaticus, Dignity.
Maidenhair Capillaire, Adiantum, Discretion.
Lavender, Lavande aspic, Lavandula spica, Distrust.
Rosebay, Laurier-rose Nerium oleander, Distrust.
Virginian Cowslip, Cyroselle, Dodocatheon meadia, Divinity.
Fieldrush, Jone des champs, Juncus campestris, Docility.
Poppy, white, Pavot blanc, Papaver albus, Dormant affection.
Daisy, wild, Marguerite des près, Bellis perennis, Dost thou love me?
Dragon-plant, Arum serpentaire, Arum dracunculus, Dread.
Cornel-tree, Cornouiller, Cornus, Duration.
Lilac, Lilas commun, Lilac vulgaris, Earliest love.
Primrose, Primevère, Primula, Early youth.
Cherry-tree, Cerisier, Cerasus, Education.
Acacia, rose, Acacia, rose, Acacia, rosea, Elegance.
Water-lily, white, Nénuphar blanc, Nymphæa alba, Eloquence.
Ipomen, scarlet, Ipomée écarlate, Ipomæa coccinea, Embrace.
Bindweed, purple, Liseron pourpre, Convolvulus purpureus, Eminence.
Gilliflower, stock, Giroflée des jardins, Cheiranthus lucanus, Enduring beauty.
Snowball, Boule de neige, Viburnum opulus, Ennui.
Bramble, Ronce, Rubus, Envy.
Poppy, corn, Pavot coquelicot, Papaver rhæas, Ephemeral charms.
Sage, Sauge, Salvia, Esteem.
Valerian, red, Valériane rouge, Valerian rubra, Facility.
Wall-flower, Giroflée jaune, Cheiranthus cheiri, Faithful in misfortune.
Sunflower, (sic) Soleil, (Tournesol) Helianthus, False riches.
Bugloss, Buglosse, Anchusa, Falsehood.
Parsley, Persil, Apium, Feast.
Sweet Sultan, yellow, Centaurée-amberboi, Centaurea moschata, Felicity.
Speedwell, Véronique élégante, Veronica amœna, Fidelity.
Dittany, white, Fraxinelle, Dictamnus Fire.
Iris, flaming, Iris flambé, Iris flammea, Flame.
Venus’s Looking-glass, Miroir de Venus, Campanula speculum, Flattery.
Columbine, Ancolie, Aquilegia, Folly.
Zephyranth, Zéphyranthe, Zephyranthes, Fond Caresses.
Pomegranate, Grenadier, Punica granatum, Foppery.
Holly, Houx, Ilex, Forecast.
Honesty, Lunaire, Lunaria, Forgetfulness.
Ladies’ Ear-drop, Fuchsia, Fuchsia, Frailty.
Syringa, Syringa, Philadelphus. Fraternal regard.
Ivy, Lierre, Hedera helix, Friendship.
Grass, quaking, Brise tremblante, Briza media, Frivolity.
Bladder-senna, Baguenaudier, Colutea arborescens Frivolous amusement.
Enchanter’s Nightshade, Circée, Cichorium intybus, Frugality.
Succory, Chicorée-amére, Cichorium intybus, Frugality.
Hollyhock, Rose trémière, Alcea rosea, Fruitfulness.
Funitory, Fumeterre commune, Fumaria, Gall.
Nosegay, Bouquet, Florum fasciculus, Gallantry.
Orange-tree, Oranger, Aurantium, Generosity.
Plane-tree, Platane, Platanus, Genius.
Rose, Provence, Rose pompon, Rosa provincialis, Gentillessee.
Laurel, Laurier franc, Laurus, Glory.
Strawberry, Fraise, Fragaria, Goodness.
Rose, hundred-leaved, Rose cent-feuille, Rosa centifolia, Graces.
Japan rose, Camellia, Camellia japonica, Gratitude.
Ash, Frêne èlevè, Fraxinus excelsior Greatness.
Aspen, Peuplier tremble, Populus tremula, Groan.
Water-lily, yellow, Nymphea jaune, Nymphæa lutea, Growing indifference.
Mugwort, Armoise, Artemisia, Happiness.
Wild-service, Alisier, Cratægus terminalis, Harmony.
Thistle, Chardon, Carduus, Harshness.
Basil, Basilic, Ocimum, Hatred.
Rosemary, Romarin, Rosmarinus, Healing balm.
Fir, Sapin, Ables, Height.
Milkwort, Polygala, Polygala, Hermitage.
Coriander, Coriandre, Coriandrum, Hidden worth.
Hawthorn, Aubépine Cratægus oxyacantha, Hope.
Oak, Chéne, Quercus, Hospitality.
Bindweed, field, Liseron des champs, Convolvulus arvensis, Humility.
Prickly-pear, Raquette-figuier d’Inde, Cactus opuntia, I burn.
Star of Bethlehem, Ornithogale, Ornithogalum, Idleness.
Amaranth, Amaranthe, Amaranthus, Immortality.
Celsia, great flowered, Celsie à Crete, Celsia cretica, Immortality.
Touch-me-not, Balsamine, Impatiens, Impatience.
Burdock. Bardane, Aretium Lappa Importunity.
Reed, Rosean, Arundo, Imprudence; music.
Tree Primrose, Onagre, Œnothera, Inconstancy.
Prune, wild, Prunier sauvage, Prunus sylvestris, Independence.
Persian Candy-tuft, Ibéride de Perse, Iberis semperflorens, Indifference.
Bellflower, Campanule, Campanula, Indiscretion.
Rose, yellow, Rose jaune, Rosa lutea, Infidelity.
Crowfoot, marsh, Renoncule scéléate, Rannuculus sceleratus, Ingratitude.
Hop, Houblon, Humulus lupulus, Injustice.
Daisy, single, Paquerette simple Bellis simplex, Innocence.
Angelica, Angelique, Angelica, Inspiration.
Goosefoot, Auserine ambroisée, Chenopodium, Insult.
Grape-vine, Vigne, Vitis, Intoxication.
Balm Melisse citronelle, Melissa officinalis, Joke.
Wood-sorrel, Oxalide-alléluia, Oxalis acetocella, Joy.
Chestnut-tree, Chataignier, Castanea Justice.
Coltsfoot, sweet-scented, Tussilage odorant, Tussilago fragrans, Justice.
Violet Ivy, Cobée grimpante, Cobœa scandens, Knots.
Larkspur, Pied d’alouette, Delphinium, Levity.
Lucerne, Luzerne, Medicago, Life.
Spindle-tree, Fusain, Evonymus vulgaris, Likeness.
Tulip, virgin, Tulipe vierge,   Literary debut.
Myrtle, Myrte, Myrtus Love.
Chestnut-tree, horse, Marronnier d’Inde, Æsculus hippocastanum, Luxury.
Lily, Lis, Lilium, Majesty.
Rue Rue Sauvage, Ruta graveolens, Manners.
Cactus, Cactier, Cactus, Maternal love.
Geranium,clouded, Géranium triste, Geranium nubilum, Melancholy.
Iris, Iris, Iris, Message.
Broom, prickly, Genêt épineux, Genista spiniflora, Misanthropy.
Ophrys, fly, Ophrise-mouche, Ophrys myoides, Mistake.
Woad, Réséda, Reseda, Modest merit.
Violet, sweet, Violette odorante, Viola odorata, Modesty.
Cypress Cyprès, Cupressus, Mourning.
Catch-fly, night-flowering, Siléné, fleur de nuit, Silene noeturna, Night.
Dahlia, Dahlia, Dahlia, Novelty.
Rest-harrow, Bugrane arrête-bœuf, Ononis, Obstacle.
Foxglove, Digitale, Digitalis, Occupation.
Dandelion, Pissenlit, Leontodon, Oracle.
Hornbeam Charme, Carpinus, Ornament.
Southernwood, Citronelle, Artemisia abrotanum, Pain.
Pheasant’s-eye, Adonide, Adonis, Painful remembrance.
Mistletoe, Gui, Viscum album, Parasite.
Dock, Patience, Rumex, Patience.
Olive, Olivier, Oliva, Peace.
Pineapple, Ananas, Bromelia ananas, Perfection.
Bird cherry-tree, Lauier-amandier, Prunus padus, Perfidy.
Crowfoot, meadow, Renoncule, bouton d’or, Ranunculus aeris, Perfidy.
Everlasting, Gnaphale, Gnaphalium, Perpetual remembrances.
Acacia, Acacia, Acacia, Platonic love.
Hyacinth, wild, Hyacinthe sauvage, Hyacinthus sylvestris, Play.
Wild Rose-tree, Eglantier,   Poetical person.
Rose, wild, Eglantine, Rosa canina, Poetry.
Crown-imperial, Couronne impériale, Fritillaria imperialis Power.
Geranium, rose, Géernium rose, Geranium roseum, Preference.
Marigold, cape, Souci pluvial, Calendula pluvialis, Presage.
Toad-flax, Muflier, Antirrhinum, Presumption.
Willow-herb, purple, Salicaire, Lythrum salicaria, Pretension.
Lily, daffodil, Amaryllis jaune, Amaryllis lutes, Pride.
Jamaica Plum, Myrobalan, Spondias myrobalanus, Privation.
Rosebay, Willow-herb Epilobe à épi, Epilobium spicatum, Production.
Privet, Troëne, Ligustrum, Prohibition.
Prune-tree, Prunier, Prunus, Promise.
Gilliflower, Mahon, Giroflée de Mahon, Cheiranthus mahoneus, Promptness.
Beech-tree, Hêtre commun, Fagus sylvatica, Prosperity.
Mulberry, white, Murier blanc, Morus albus, Prudence.
Star of Bethlehem, pyramidal, Ornithogale pyramidale, Ornithogalum pyramidale, Purity.
Buck-bean, Menyauthe, Menyanthes, Quiet; repose.
Goats-rue, Galéga, Galega, Reason.
Hazel, Noisettier, Corylus, Reconciliation.
King’s-spear Asphodèle jaune, Asphodelus, Regret.
Indian cane, Balisier, Arundo bambos, Rendezvous.
Maple, Erable champêtre, Acer, Reserve.
Date-plum, Plaqueminier, Diospyros, Resistance.
Lily of the Valley, Muguet de Mai, Convallaria maialis, Return of happiness.
Osmunda, Osmonde, Osmunda, Revery.
Wreath of Roses, Couronne de roses, Corona rosarum, Reward of virtue.
Wheat, Blé, Triticum, Riches.
Ladies’ Bedstraw, Grateron, Galium, Rudeness.
Polemonium, Polémoine bleue, Polemonium ceruleum, Rupture.
Weeping-willow, Saule pleureur, Salix babylonica, Sadness.
Yew If, Taxus, Sadness.
Mandrake, Mandragore, Atropa Mandragora, Scarcity.
Sweet William, Œillet de poéte, Dianthus barbatus, Scorn.
Hair-moss, Polytric á urne, Polytrichum, Secret.
American Aloe, Agavé, Agave Americana, Security.
Narcissus, white, Narcisse des poétes, Narcissus poeticus, Selfishness.
Jessamine, Spanish, Jasmin d’Espagne, Jasminum grandiflorum, Sensuality.
Ash-leaved Trumpet-flower, Jasmin de Virginie, Biguonia radicans, Separation/
Biburnum, prickly, Camara piquant, Lantana aculeata, Severity.
Peony, common, Pivoine officinale, Pæonia officinalis, Shame.
Wood Anemone, Anémone des près, Anemone nemorosa, Sickness.
Rose, white, Rose blanche Rosa alba, Silence.
Rose, single, Rose simple, Rosa berberifolia, Simplicity.
Silver-weed, Argentine, Potentilla anserina, Simplicity.
Fern, (sic) Fongère, (Fougere) Filix, Sincerity.
Aloes, parrot-bill, Aloès, bee de perroquet   Small talk.
Arum, Fly-catching, Arum, gobe-mouche, Arum crinitum, Snare.
Heath, Bruyére commune, Erica vulgaris, Solitude.
Verain, Verveine, Verbena, Sorcery.
Barberry, Epine-vinette, Berberis, Sourness.
Rose capucine, Rose capucine,   Splendor.
Box, Buis, Buxus, Stoicism.
Fennel, Fenouil, Anethum fœniculum, Strength.
Geranium, scarlet, Géranium écarlate, Geranium coccineum, Stupidity.
Juniper Genévrier, Juniperus, Succor.
Bryony, Tame commun, Tamus communis, Support.
Round-leaved Sundew, Rossolis à feuilles rondes, Drosera rotundifolia, Surprise,
Thornapple, purple, Stramoine fastueuse, Datura fastuosa, Suspicion.
Periwinkle, Pervenche, Vinca, Sweet remembrance.
Sea-lavender, Staticé maritim, Statice limonium, Sympathy.
Helenium, smooth Hélénie d’automne, Helenium autumnale, Tears.
Currant, Groseiller, Ribes rubrum, Thankfulness.
Turnsol, Héliotrope Heliotropium, The intoxication of love.
Hyacinth, garden, Hyacinthe d’Orient, Hyacinthus orientalis, The language of flowers.
Pansy, Pensée, Viola tricolor, Thought.
Almond-tree, Amandier, Amygdalus, Thoughtlessness.
Poplar, white, Peuplier blanc, Polulus alba, Time.
Marvel of Peru, Belle de nuit, Mirabilis, Timidity.
Madder, yellow, Alysse saxatile, Alyssum saxatile, Tranquility.
Virginian Spiderwort, Ephémérine de Virginie, Tradescantia Virginica, Transient felicity.
Whortleberry, Airelle myrtille, Vaccinium, Treachery.
Marigold, garden, Souci commun, Calendula officinalis, Trouble.
Pink, clove, Œillet des fleuristes, Dianthus caryophyllus, True love.
Hepatica, Anemone hépatique, Anemone hepatica, Trust.
Nightshade, Morelle, Solanum, Truth.
Rose, perpetual, Rose des quatre saisons, Rose perpetua, Unfading beauty.
Immortal flowers, Immortelle, Xeranthemum annuum, Unfading remembrance.
Broom-rape, Orobanche majeure, Orobauche major, Union.
Pink, yellowish, Œillet jaune, Dianthus luteus, Unreasonableness.
Meadow-sweet, Spirée ulmaire, Spiræa ulmaria, Uselessness.
Grass, Gazon, Gramen, Utility.
Aster, china, Marguerite-reine, Aster chinensis, Variety.
Tares, Ivraie, Vicia, Vice.
Rose, moss Rose mosseuse, Rosa muscosa, Voluptuous love.
Tuberose, Tubéeuse, Polyanthes, Voluptuousness.
Milfoil, Achillée Achillea, War.
Peppermint, Menthe poivrée, Mentha piperita, Warmth of feeling.
Rose, striped, Rose panachée, Rosa variegata, Warmth of heart.
Hollowroot, Adoxa, Adoxa moschatellina, Weakness.
Water-lily, peltated, Nélumbo, Nymphæa nelumbo, Wisdom.
Christmas aconite, Hellebore de Noël, Helleborus, Wit.
Pasque-flower, Coquelourde, Anemone pulsatilla, Without pretension.
Rosebud, Bouton de rose, Rosæ calyx, Young girl.
Lilac, white, Lilas blanc, Lilac alba, Youth.