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Flower Language

FLORA'S DIAL (the floral year)


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Alphabetical list of Flower names in English, French & Latin with Meaning

Alphabetical list of Flower Meanings

Flora Timekeeping
Flora's Clock (Hour)
The Floral Week (Day)
The Calendar of Flora (Month)

The Poet Jacobus Supposed He Had Found a Subject For An Epic Poem
(Pansy)  The secret language of flowers

I. The Flowers Converse

II. Where We Show That The Language of Flowers May Cause a Man To Lose The Tip of His Nose.


The Floral Year (Date)

Alphabetical List of Flowers with Meaning and their day of the year

A - D
E - K
L - N
O - R
S - Z

Alphabetical List of Meaning of Flowers with Flower Name and its day of the year

A-F  G-L  M-R   S-Z


By J. Wesley Hanson

published 1853

(copyright 1845 by Jonathan Allen In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the District of Massachusetts.)


   The author of this little book does not expect that he has accomplished a very weighty task. He puts it forth in the meek hope that it may afford a little pleasure to those who, like himself, occasionally turn aside from the graver duties of life, to pluck a flower*, or to gaze upon a picture. If such shall read, he is satisfied.
   The design is brief. Each day in the year has been christened with a flower, and it may afford a moment's delight to those who meet in the social circle, to ascertain each other's birth-days, and, seeking here the flower, read the language and the poetic extract.**
   The author believes this book to possess advantages over any other of a similar character, in the eyes of the lover of flowers. Among the many kindred works, he has been unable to find one which he, through the aid of a scarce European work, has been able to present.
   The author, also, has had full access to the complete works of the Old English Poets, and accordingly he has selected many beautiful gems from that casket of rare worth.

"There is religion in a flower,"

as has been sung. The author hopes that the influence of his book may be religious in one sense; that it may cause the Graces of Life to throng around the hearth-stone and scatter flowers of harmless joy and pleasure in those homes where it shall visit. Thus he dismisses it; saying in the language of Old Aleyn, that "Well of English undefiled,"

"Go, little book, God send thee good passage!"


Lowell, May, 1946.



I have not sought to wreathe my brow with laurel,
   Nor crown myself with bright and fadeless bays;
As dear to me is a green sprig of sorrel,
   As all that poets strive for,––fame and praise.

And yet I fain would ask your kind attention
   To this, my harmless, inoffensive book;
If it be not too low a condescension,
   I pray you, fair one, on these pages look.

You will not, if you read, grow richer, wiser,
   And yet I feel that you may better grow,––
For every flower is a kind adviser,––
   From each glad blossom little angels go.

Yes; in the heart of every lowly blossom,
   Sweet loves and angels flutter with delight;
Winging their flight from out each purple bosom,
   They scatter odors, blessings, pure and bright.

Read then this Book! and let it thee rejoice;
   May its words soothe thee as the breath of poppy,
And may each friend of thine, with mirthful voice,
   Say,––"What a book! where can I get a copy?"



*[ED. NOTE: The book includes trees, herbs, vegetables and grains in addition to flowers]

**[ED. NOTE: The poetry for each day has not been posted to this website due to time constraints.]