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The Flowers Personified - Two Shepherdesses

Section 5


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In the mean time, the two shepherdesses, unsuspicious of the honors which were about to descend upon them, were quietly enjoying the love of their shepherds.

          Lucas sung his woes in a silken tunic of palest green, while Blaise, in a coat of blue not less delicate than his friend’s green one, made all the region round echo to the strains of his rural pipes. The fleece of Robin, Bleuette’s favorite sheep, was not more curly than the hair of Lucas. The cheeks of Blaise were so plump and round, that he always looked as if blowing a pipe. When they were seen together, in their coats of pale blue and green, with their crooks and shepherd-bags, ornamented with ribands, everybody declared that shepherds so perfect as Lucas and Blaise, could not help loving shepherdesses so accomplished as Bleuette and Coquelicot.

          Bleuette and Coquelicot had promised their lovers, to pay them with a kiss for the first nest of nightingales which they should bring to them. To do this, they would have to wait only a year; so that Lucas and Blaise were the happiest of mortals.

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