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Bookcases / Book Shelves

NOTE: As of August, 2007, these bookcases became collector's items. Due to circumstances beyond my control they are no longer being manufactured. I am leaving these pages up as a historical reference for those who bought these bookcases over the years.

Plant Stand     Table

oak revolving bookcase tower
maple revolving bookcase tower

Revolving Bookcase Tower

The Revolving Bookcase Tower is 25-1/2" square x 75" high. Includes (24) 10-5/8" wide x 11" deep shelves + the (4) fixed bottom shelves for a total of 28 shelves making almost 25 linear feet of shelving not including the top. That is the equivalent of (8) 36" wide shelves all within 25-1/2 square inches. These bookcase towers have the highest capacity of any revolving bookcase I have been able to find information on.

Made of solid wood and furniture grade wood veneer in Oak or Maple.

Finishes available are natural red Oak, natural Maple, dark Oak stain (see Table), Fruitwood stain, Bright Cherry stain, Cordovan stain, Rustic Grey stain, White stain, Gilsonite stain, Dark Walnut stain Old World Mahogany stain, black paint and white paint. Other finishes available. Books not included.

A fully loaded bookcase is very heavy and casters do not work with these bookcases. A free set of furniture sliders are included with each bookcase.


Order NOW

Revolving Bookcase Tower


clear lacquer Oak or Maple
stained Oak


Please email for freight charges

Privacy, Return & Freight Damage Policies.

Key Benefits:

  • Shelves are independently adjustable to accommodate any size book  Also holds magazines, office supplies, curios, etc..

  • Shelves are strong and will not deflect.

  • Shelves interchangeable among Table, Plant Stand and Tower.

  • Set as close as 5" from walls or furniture.

  • Rotates smoothly on 1000# rated turntable.

  • Stable and can be unevenly loaded.

  • Looks great!