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Ministry of Agriculture Allotment & Garden Guide

Ministry of Agriculture Allotment and Garden Guide - June 1945 page 3

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June 1945

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The Allotment DVD
The delights of having an allotment. 15 programmes as seen on ITV. Suit new and established growers. Seasonal guide, top gardening tips, fascinating food facts and insights into what's really in those sheds! 

THE ALLOTMENT SERIES was first shown on ITV 1 West

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Crops for the lean period

vegetables for the lean period - winter, spring

       During July, too, you could sow a row of spinach beet that, given favourable conditions, should give you a crop of excellent green leaves next winter and right on through the spring.

   If you like leeks and have not sown seeds in the seedbed, you can get some plants and put them out in July.

   As to root crops, main crop carrots can be sown in June to early July, swedes at the end of June, turnips in July.

   The experts tell us that we need some of that precious body-building stuff––protein––in our diet. Now dried peas and beans are a valuable source of protein, and it is worth

  while saving some of our crops for the purpose, as well as to provide seeds for sowing next year––always assuming that we save our own seeds, a subject which will be dealt with in a later Guide. Do your saving systematically, however. Don't just leave a few late pods on each plant, but reserve a number of plants at each end of the row.

   Having looked ahead and made sure0–at least in our minds0–that we are not going to be caught napping in the few months from next February, let us come back to the present for a bit and concentrate on essential jobs of the month. First, thinning––and no apology is made for returning once more to this important operation. And don't forget to keep that hoe going regularly.