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Ministry of Agriculture Allotment & Garden Guide

Allotment and Garden Guide May 1945 -age 3

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May 1945

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Ministry of Agriculture
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       May to June is the period for planting out your Brussels.

take care in lifting brussels sprouts seedlings from seed bed

The Ministry's plan provides for two rows, 2-1/2 ft. between rows and the same distance between plants. Don't forget that the plants need a long season of growth to develop properly. If your ground is poor, you would do well to fork well into the surface, before planting, 2 oz. to the square yard of some complete fertiliser such as "National Growmore", which is of special value to crops that have to stand the winter.
   Be careful in lifting from the seedbed to see that you get a good ball of soil round the roots. Should the weather be dry, water the seedbed row the night before.

  Plant with a dibber deep enough to bury the roots and stem up to the first leaves. Press the soil firmly round the plant with the dibber or your heel. If you plant in dry weather give the plants a good watering. Some gardeners practise puddling, placing soil and water in a bucket and plunging the plants' roots in it before planting. If the dry weather continues, water the plants each day, if you can, until they are established and show signs of making new growth. Hoe frequently between rows and plants. To make watering more effective some gardeners plant in a drill about three or four in. deep.man planting brussels sprouts  
Beet, carrots, lettuce and radishes (see March and April Guides for Directions)

   Runners do best on soil well trenched and given a good dressing of manure or compost, as advised in the February Guide (page 8). Clay soils are usually too wet and cold for them. One pint will sow a double row of 50 ft.
The plants are very tender and seeds should not be sown in the open until May, though early crops may be secured by sowing in boxes in a frame or a greenhouse and transplanting later. In the open, sow the seed in double rows with 9 in. of space between the plants. For single rows, the plants should stand 12 in. apart. (continued next page)