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Ministry of Agriculture Allotment & Garden Guide

Allotment and Garden Guide March 1945 page 1

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Ministry of Agriculture Allotment and Garden Guide Banner



      VOL. 1 No. 3

MARCH - 1945


March 1945

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"March winds and April showers,
Bring forth the May flowers."



         drawing of man with shovel whose hat is blown away by windThat was a peace-time couplet. "Not yet must the flowers invade the fat green hinterland of the war-time allotment", A Northern newspaper recently declared. As it pointed out, fresh allotment produce末garden stuff, too末is going to be of immense value during the first few years after the war, when there will be a great strain upon road, rail and all transport. The man who can grow his own produce on his own plot will not only be making an important contribution to a smooth transition from war to peace, but will also be looking after his own family interests best.   drawing of man with pitchfork in the rainThe Ministry does not rule out flowers altogether. As the Northern newspaper happily put it: "Now and again an allotment holder will disinterestedly set himself to cheer us all up by bedding out末in true peace-time parkland style末with lobelias, geraniums, pansies末just a happy fringe of them along the hem of his plot." The Ministry itself has said, in effect, that not more than one-tenth of peace-time flowers should be grown, but the paper puts it better with its phrase "just a happy fringe", adding "But behind this gay facade wholesome produce grows in abundance".

drawing of man in garden planting flowers "just a fringe"