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Ministry of Agriculture Allotment & Garden Guide


Allotment and Garden Guide February 1945 page 8

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facsimile of page 8

February 1945

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Ministry of Agriculture
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The Allotment DVD
The delights of having an allotment. 15 programmes as seen on ITV. Suit new and established growers. Seasonal guide, top gardening tips, fascinating food facts and insights into what's really in those sheds! 

THE ALLOTMENT SERIES was first shown on ITV 1 West

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  Get ready for "RUNNERS"  
       Though you will not be sowing your "runners" until, say, mid-May, now is the time to get the ground prepared for them, if it is not already. They need good cultivation and do best when grown where the soil is trenched and dressed with a good dressing of well-rotted manure or compost. So if you have not manured the particular plot where your beans are to go, take out a trench a spit* deep, work in a liberal

* [ed. note] "a spit deep" is the depth of a garden fork prong


  dressing of manure or compost into the lower spit and then replace the top spit.
     Remember, when ordering your seeds, that half-a-pint of runner beans will sow a row 50 ft. long.

preparing a garden bed for "runners"


     The Ministry of Agriculture has published during the war a number of free leaflets and priced publications that may be helpful to you, if you have not already had them. There are still some stocks of the "Dig for Victory" leaflets which you can get

   free from the Ministry at Berri Court Hotel, St. Annes, Lytham St. Annes, Lancs. You can get the bulletins through any bookseller or direct from H.M. Stationery Office, York House, Kingsway, W.C.2., at the prices mentioned below.

Here are some topical leaflets:末




Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries coat of armsDig for Victory Leaflet末
No. 1末Cropping Plan for a 10-rod plot (300 sq. yds.).
No. 23末Cropping Plan for a 5-rod plot (150 sq. yds.).
No. 2末Onions and related crops
No. 4末Peas and Beans
No. 7末How to make a Compost Heap.
No. 12末Seed Potatoes.
No. 19末How to sow Seeds.

And here are some suggestions for priced bulletins:末

Gardening Booklets"Growmore" Bulletins

No. 1末Food from the Garden末3d. (4d.)
No. 2末Pest and Diseases in the Vegetable Garden末4d. (5d.)
No. 3末Preserves from the Garden末4d. (5d.)
No. 7末Fruit from the Garden末3d. (4d.)

The prices are net; those in brackets include postage.

  Wt.  T21073/8500    50M    2/45    7/4    CN&CoLtd