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Ministry of Agriculture Allotment & Garden Guide


sow broad beans

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February 1945

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    Sow BROAD BEANS    
         The earliest and often most successful crops of broad beans are obtained by sowing in autumn (but not in the North, unless protected by frames or cloches): but a second sowing can be

Broad Beans garden bed

  made during February. The broad bean does best on land manured for a previous crop, such as potatoes.
     It is best to sow two lines of seed to each row, with 6 in. between the seeds and 2 ft. 6 in. between the rows. But if only one line of seeds is sown, 2 ft. between rows will be sufficient.
     Sow 2 in. deep in holes made with a dibber, dropping one good seed in each hole. Or make a flat-bottomed drill 2 in. deep. Space the seed out 6 in. apart.
     The Ministry's cropping plan suggests that summer spinach (for those who like it) should be sown in mid-April. But if you wish, you can make successional sowings from February to May in drills 1 in. deep and 12 in. apart. Thin out the plants as soon as they are large enough to handle, first to 3 in. apart, removing alternate plants about a fortnight later. You can cook these thinnings. On light soils spinach runs to seed fairly quickly in hot weather, so hoe regularly and water freely at such times, if you can.
     Spinach likes well manured ground.

Spinach thinning

    Plant SHALLOTS  
         Shallots are easier to grow than onions and some gardeners prefer them for that reason; in fact, shallots are a sort of hardy perennial onion grown annually from small bulbs or "sets". You can also grow shallots from seed, but these bulbs are really small onions and are useless for replanting and should be used up each year.        The Ministry's cropping plan for a 300 square yard plot suggests two rows of shallots to be planted in February. Sets of medium size (20 t0 25 to the lb.) should be used and each set should produce five or six large bulbs. 2 lb. of bulbs should be about enough for one row of 30 ft.

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