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Ministry of Agriculture Allotment & Garden Guide


Allotment and Garden Guide February 1945 page 5

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February 1945

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         In the third year he should move them round again––on plot A, the green vegetables; on plat B, the peas, beans, onions and leeks; and on plot C, the potatoes and root crops. Then, in the fourth year, he will begin the rotation all over again.

gardener digging

     By this simple system you not only ensure that the ground is kept in reasonably fertile condition all over, but it helps you to gauge how much ground you should devote to the various kinds of crops. The rotation can be worked equally well in the garden as on an allotment, but in each case space must be left somewhere at one end (say, 6 foot wide) for the seed bed, marrow bed, compost heap and so on.

gardener raking in fertilizer

       It is much easier to arrange a proper rotation when starting from scratch; but even a garden that was worked last year could be brought into line by remembering where your crops were last season and trying to plant the appropriate vegetables this year to follow them up.

     Crop rotation will help with liming, too, if your soil needs lime. It is a good idea to lime each year that part of the plot that carried potatoes and root vegetables the year before.

gardener spreading lime

     Now for the jobs you can do outdoors in February, if the weather is "open" and the soil workable. Don't forget to rake in a good general fertiliser, such as "National Growmore", a few days before sowing or planting.

    * [ed. note] According to Carrots Love Tomatoes, beans and peas do not like onions and leeks and should not be planted close to each other.