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Ministry of Agriculture Allotment & Garden Guide

Allotment and Garden Guide February 1945 page 3

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February 1945

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Ministry of Agriculture
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     You will need it for dressing your land before sowing and planting. It contains the three essential plant foods in balanced proportions, and 42 lb. is enough for 300 square yards. The January "Guide" explained how it should be used.

     Finally, see that your tools are in good condition for use. When you


  start outdoors you will need a line for straightness and pegs to mark the rows. And you would find a 6-ft. rod, marked off in 6in. and 3 in. sections, very useful.

     And continue to have a look at your stored crops to see that there is no damage or decay. Rub off any potato sprouts n your eating crop in store. Lift any outdoor parsnips to check growth, storing them under protection at the north side of a fence or wall, if you can.

    CROP ROTATION is most important
 Some gardening beginners have no doubt been puzzled by the term "crop rotation." It sounds a bit mysterious, but it is really quite simple. And it is the only sound basis for vegetable growing. To be a successful gardener you must be methodical. What does "crop rotation" mean? Simply arranging your cropping is such a ways to avoid growing the same kinds of crops on any section of your plot one year after another. To grow the same crop on the same ground year after year is bad gardening for several reasons. There is also the risk that diseases and pests will be increased in the soil to attack again the following year. Rotation  of vegetable crops affects the condition of your land in four important ways.

>  It ensures that every part of your plot carriers, at regular intervals, crops that require thorough soil cultivation.

  >  It helps to maintain the content of plant food and humus in all parts of the plot. Some crops will repay for heavier dressing of fertilisers than others, and some will get what farmyard manure or compost is available.

>  It helps to control weeds, for different crops need different cultivations at different seasons; though weeds may withstand the appropriate cultivations for one crop, they may be kept down by the cultivations for another crop.

>  It helps to control pests and diseases.

     The Ministry of Agriculture recommends a three-year "crop rotation" for a 300 sq. yd. plot, and its official cropping plan, which is free for the asking, has enjoyed a wide circulation.