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Ministry of Agriculture Allotment & Garden Guide


Ministry of Agriculture Allotment and Garden Guide January 1945 page 8

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January 1945

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The Allotment DVD
The delights of having an allotment. 15 programmes as seen on ITV. Suit new and established growers. Seasonal guide, top gardening tips, fascinating food facts and insights into what's really in those sheds! 

THE ALLOTMENT SERIES was first shown on ITV 1 West

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       Nowadays the old-fashioned custom of lime washing fruit trees in the winter has almost disappeared. The modern method of pest control on apples, pears, plums and currants (both black and red) is to spray before the end of January with a tar-oil spray, and later with a lime-sulphur spray, and other washes at various stages of growth.

     For the moment, the tar-oil wash is most important. You can buy it almost anywhere with full directions for making up. Remember to choose a dray day 9not frosty), with little or no wind, for spraying ; and make sure that all the branches have been thoroughly wetted all over. Cover up any plants under or near the trees or bushes or the spray will damage them. Newspapers will do.

       If apple and pear trees are not growing very strongly, a dressing of 3 or 4 oz. of hoof and horn meal to the square yard, lightly forked into the ground during winter over the area covered by the branches, will encourage them to make strong growth. In addition, one ounce to the square yard of Sulphate of Ammonia should be worked into the surface soil in spring. Apples and pears especially need potash, and dressing of wood ash from the bonfire should be worked into the ground in April. Bone meal is a useful manure for fruit trees, but need only be applied once every three or four years at the ate of about 3 oz. per square yard. Plums too benefit by a similar dressing, but should also have a dressing of 2 oz. of sulphate of ammonia to the square yard each spring.  

drawing of spraying fruit tree


drawing of fertilizing fruit tree


Some helpful


     The following leaflets in the "Dig for victory" series are free for the asking and may be helpful to you. You can get them by writing to the Ministry of Agriculture at Berri Court Hotel, St. Annes, Lytham St. Annes, Lancs :末

Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries coat of armsDig for Victory Leaflet末
No. 1末Cropping Plan for a 10-rod plot (300 sq. yds.).
No. 23末Cropping Plan for a 5-rod plot (150 sq. yds.).
No. 7末How to make a Compost Heap.
No. 12末Seed Potatoes.
No. 18末Better Fruit末Disease Control in Private Gardens.
No. 25末How to Prune Fruit Trees and Bushes.

There are other useful leaflets in the series : send for a list to the above address.

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    * [ed. note] earthly pursuits urges everyone to avoid "artificials" if possible and practice sustainable, organic gardening.