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Ministry of Agriculture Allotment & Garden Guide

Allotment and Garden Guide December 1945 page 6

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December 1945

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Looking forward

   When we are doing our fireside gardening round about Christmas we shall like to have our seedsman's catalogue to study. So if you have not already got it, send for it on receipt of the Guide. And remember that he has still got his labour difficulties and that he would appreciate it if you sent in your order early, not delay ordering until the last moment just before sowing time, when there is always a hectic rush at seedsmen's premises. Order you seed potatoes early, too, for transport is far from being normal.
   The seed position looks like being pretty favourable, except that broad beans are likely to be short. But don't feel aggrieved if you still can't get all your favourite varieties. You'll know only too well that the end of the war has not meant the solution of all our problems.


   man reading a seed catalog in front of a fire

As to artificial fertilizers—or "mineral" fertilizers, which is the better term—the situation can be summed up in two words—"no change." There is likely to be a sufficiency of "National Growmore," the balanced fertilizer sponsored by the Government, which has been tried by many gardeners and found quite satisfactory.
   Make a new plan for the cropping of your allotment or garden, being guided by your past experience of what to grow and the quantity of each kind.



What about
some HERBS?

 When planning your garden or allotment for next year, bear herbs in mind. If you already have one or two kinds, try some of the less common, to give variety of flavour to your vegetables. Herbs are not difficult to grow, for many are perennial ; once established, they go on growing year after year. Plants can be raised from seeds ; but as this is rather a slow business, see if your friends can let you have some cuttings or pieces fro next spring and early summer.


   two men working in the garden

   In the meantime get the soil ready by digging deeply and working in plenty of well-rotted manure or compost. Once the plants are growing, only surface cultivation will be possible, so it is worth while making a good job of the digging. It will then only be necessary to keep weeks in check and the soil aerated by hoeing during the growing season. It is better to group herbs together in one bed. Mint prefers partial shade and not too dry a soil ; but most of the others like a sunny, well-drained soil.